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I am Jorgos Megos, originally raised in Greece, I now live in Germany, in the beautiful Frankenjura. In my youth I got introduced to photography through my father.

In real life I am an engineer and in this profession also active. The tension between my professional activity and photography, so between technology and artistic inspiration, has always fascinated me. Photography offers me the ideal opportunity to express my creativity and to perceive the exchange between the emotional and the factual.

Besides sports and travel photography, my real focus is nature photography. The infinite variety of our natural environment motivates me to always dive into new worlds. To explore, to observe and to understand, in order to be able to expand the own horizon over again. This often opens up new areas for me. Like, for example, the close connection between photographs and music, in the creation of multimedia shows.

My goal is to give the viewer of my images an impetus to pause for a moment and perceive the fragile beauty of nature, in this hectic everyday life. Thereby curiosity shall be awakened and the desire to preserve our natural world.

If you like my work and you are interested in my pictures, I would gladly appreciate a message from you.

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